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Pauline Hanson congratulates Howard government over racist policy

Pauline Hanson congratulates Howard government over racist policy

Oct 7, 2007 - Senate candidate and notorious racist politician Pauline Hanson has congratulated federal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews on the decision to cut the number of African refugees allowed into Australia. Alongside Mr Andrews, the One Nation founder says refugees carry disease and escalate crime. Pauline Hanson says "you can't bring people into the country who are incompatible with our way of life"...
Unfortunately Ms Hanson is running as an independent Senate candidate in Queensland at the next federal election. Last week Hanson announced her support of Kevin Andrews' decision to cut the intake of African refugees by a third saying Mr Andrews was acting in the national interest.

"I think the Immigration Minister has taken a strong stance with this regard," she said. "I think he is in tune with how the people feel about it and the response that I have had from people through my emails and how they have contacted me over this issue. I think they are making a stance for the wellbeing of Australia. Do you want to see increased crime on our streets? Do you want to see increased violence?" she said. "Do you want to see your daughter or a family member end up with aids or anyone for that matter?"

African community groups have rejected comments by Hanson and the Immigration Minister, that African refugees in Australia have been slow to integrate into the community. The Federation of African Communities Council says the group's lawyers are lodging a complaint of racial discrimination against the Federal Government with the Human Rights Commissioner.

The Minister has been criticised by community and church groups for singling out Africans, whose share of Australia's humanitarian refugee intake has been cut by 40 per cent over the past four years. The minister says he is concerned about race-based gangs, an increase in crime among African youth, and reports of young African men gathering and drinking alcohol in parks at night.

The Human Rights Commissioner has labelled the Federal Government's stance on African refugees as "un-Australian". Commissioner Graham Innes says singling out a particular race goes against Australian values. "I think it is troubling to single out one community or group as not settling and integrating well and it is not the Australian way to deal with refugees," he said. "People shouldn't be treated differently on the basis of race or ethnic origin," Mr Innes said.

The harsh stance taken on immigration by Prime Minister John Howard has been credited with helping him win the past four elections - and there is now an assumption that Andrews' comments were aimed at influencing voters by again raising the "spectre of Australia being overrun".

Prime Minister John Howard's government has benefited from dogwhistle politics over immigration — especially in regional seats in the past.

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