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Hundreds converge against Yarragadee aquifer plans

March 27, 2007 - Hundreds of Western Australian residents campaigning against plans to tap the Yarragadee Aquifer converged on Parliament House in Perth today for a protest rally. Many arrived by buses from the South West. The Water Corporation wants to take 45 million litres of water from the aquifer every year and pump it into Perth's water supply...
The proposal is widely opposed in the city and south-west and has sparked a swelling grassroots campaign to stop it.

Friends of the Yarragadee organised the rally to voice to the State Government what they think of the proposal. "Really there are alternatives, very viable alternatives and this $700 million is absolute folly to be spending that then looking down the track and saying this environmental damage is too much we need to turn the taps off," said spokesman Trevor Larke.

The colourful group of families, workers, environmentalists, members of local SW governments and experts met on the Esplanade and headed to Parliament House for a rally. Police estimated a crowd of between 700 and 1000 attended the rally

"Water Corp sucks", "Hands off our Yarragdee" and "Restrict yourselves Perth" read some signs.

Greens Paul Llewellyn, told about 800 people that the proposal, which has drawn must be stopped. "WA is in the grip of a historic water crisis that requires a long-term commitment to water efficiency and conservation," Mr Llewellyn said.

"Tapping into the Yarragadee is a short-term solution, equivalent to sweeping the problem under the carpet. Our children will hold us to account for this decision and we must not let that happen."

"Local governments are very concerned about the impact of piping the Yarragadee water to Perth while local and regional water needs are already under pressure," Mr Llewellyn later said. He said 40 per cent of potable water in the city was poured on gardens.

"I don't think that we should be tapping into the Yarragadee beyond our current allocation and certainly should not be exporting drinking water into Perth so we can maintain rose gardens for people in the city."

On Monday the West Australian newspaper reported that a group of eminent WA scientists has launched a scathing attack on the plan to tap the South-West Yarragadee aquifer to boost Perth's drinking water supplies.

Desptite approval by an EPAA panel, a government decision on whether the project goes ahead has yet to be made.

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