Friday, November 17, 2006

Download the "Leaked" Christmas Island Detention Centre documents

Below is a link to the "leaked" Christmas Island Detention Centre Complex documents.

The 1200 bed centre, is said to cost more than $300 million. In March 2002 the Howard Government announced the construction of a new Immigration detention centre on Christmas Island. The successful tenderer, Baulderstone Hornibrook, was awarded the project's main contract for $207.9 million.

The project is now near completion...

NOVEMBER 17, 2006:

Leaked Detention Centre Documents

You can download a (zipped) file of the plans here from the link below...
Download the "Leaked" Christmas Island Detention Centre documents

Christmas Island, a small dot in the Indian Ocean about 24 kilometres long and 7ks wide, is where a new 1200 person detention centre is being built to detain refugees. The Government says the high-tech enclosure is a "deterrent to smugglers and illegal entrants, and useful for contingencies."

According to "leaked" plans, one section of the centre has corner mounted cameras and intercoms in the bedrooms. Doors to some of the bedrooms, and other rooms, can be locked electronically from a central point, allowing the centre to be locked down. Televisions will be wired so they can be turned off from a central point.

The perimeter is guarded by cameras, lights and an electrified outer fence. There are isolation rooms similar to the type in which Cornelia Rau was held in the Baxter detention centre in South Australia. And there are many specialised interview rooms, with reinforced glass separating detainees from staff...


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